5 Chandelier Dupes That Are 50% Less Than The Original

The excitement you feel from choosing a chandelier for your home may be quickly dampened when you come across some steep prices. While it may be worth splurging on a light fixture if you have a specific vision, you should consider searching for a dupe if you’re more flexible in your design plan.

We’ve taken some of the work off of your plate by rounding up 5 popular chandelier styles and finding dupes that are under half the price!

1.Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Wagon wheel chandeliers are timeless light fixtures that complement many interior design styles. These large chandeliers are great to hang in high ceilings over a foyer or great room.

These light fixtures can be priced for over $1000, but we found a couple of options for just over half of that price. Like the original, the dupes are 48″ wide, making them proportionate for a large area. The dupes have minor differences, like a different type of bulb style, but nothing truly noteworthy.

Here are the links to all of the chandeliers pictured above:

Original: Capital Lighting Pearson 12 Light Chandelier

$594 Dupe: Barclay Matte Black 12 Light Chandelier

$599 Dupe: Saona 24-Light Wagon Wheel Chandelier

2. Modern Sputnik Chandelier

Sputnik chandeliers are a great way to truly light up a room since the bulbs are angled in various directions. These types of chandeliers pair well with a home that has a modern aesthetic.

Since sputniks are in style right now, the prices can be high. For example, the original here is over $2000. It has both matte black and brass metal accents with milk globes over the bulbs. Our dupes cost over 70% less than the original. The differences are minor, such as the bulbs being angled differently and the globes being transparent. However, you can still achieve a modern look for less.

Here are the links to all of the chandeliers pictured above:

Original: Mid-Century Parlor Chandelier

$589 Dupe: Strick & Bolton Blair Antique Brass Sputnik Chandelier

$459 Dupe: Sparkle Amber Glass and Antique Brass Chandelier

3. Crystal Chandelier

Glass crystal chandeliers are a classic in any home and bring a sense of elegance. They can make a statement in a dining room, bedroom, living room, or foyer. Cleaning the crystals will require some maintenance, but it is truly worth it because they bring a special sparkle to the room.

Don’t know how you’ll access your high-ceiling chandelier to maintain it? Get an Aladdin Light Lift! With just the turn of a key, you can safely lower your chandelier to floor level for easy access to maintain it.

The dupes pictured above have a similar design to the $1299 original, and just vary slightly when it comes to the overall shape. No matter which one you choose, you will still get the effect of having a glamorous light fixture.

Here are the links to all of the chandeliers pictured above:

Original: Scarlett Crystal Oval Chandelier

$528 Dupe: Weston Rectangular Glass Drop Crystal Chandelier

$272 Dupe: Mckinsey Kitchen Island Pendant

4. Beaded Candelabra Chandelier

Beaded chandeliers give off an elegant vibe, while also warming up any room. They go well with a bohemian, coastal, or vintage-style home.

In our example, the original chandelier is over $1000. If you were to buy one of the dupes, you wouldn’t even pay half of that price. The dupes carry the same main features as the original such as wooden beads and a candelabra structure. The slight differences are light fixture size, bulb shape, and bead-draping style.

Here are the links to all of the chandeliers pictured above:

Original: Manervia Empire Chandelier

$482 Dupe: Wood Bead Chandelier

$419 Dupe: Gunnlog Empire Chandelier

5. Geometric Globe Chandelier

These geometric globe chandeliers are eye-catching light fixtures that look great in a kitchen or above a dining room table. They’ll add a modern flair to any room while giving off plenty of light with their multiple bulbs.

In this example, we found an almost exact dupe that costs 80% less than the original! The $699 dupe has a similar globe and bulb style as the original but its matte black frame gives it an even more modern look.

Here are the links to all of the chandeliers pictured above:

Original: Modern Pyramid Glass Globes Chandelier

$699 Dupe: Camryn Round Metal & Glass Chandelier

$265 Dupe: Safavieh Greyor 6-Light Gold Chandelier

Hopefully, this blog post has helped you find some good deals on a chandelier, and you’re one step closer to finding the right one. Remember that you can make chandelier maintenance easier than ever with the Aladdin Light Lift. Instead of spending time and money on hiring a professional to use dangerous scaffolding, you can lower your chandelier to floor level with just the turn of a key.

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