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SmartLift Controller

Operate your light lift with an easy-to-use touch pad control with the SmartLift Controller. It can be programmed to automatically stop at any desired height above the floor. It automatically shuts off at the ceiling without being programmed. By removing the key, the SmartLift Controller becomes child resistant and prevents accidental activation of the light …

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Relamping Cord

Determine which bulbs you need to change when the candelabra-base chandelier is at floor level with the Relamping Cord. After removing one bulb, thread the socket end of the six foot Relamping Cord into a socket of the chandelier. Plug the other end to a 110V outlet. Press the safety switch to temporarily relight the …

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Multi-Lift Controller

Operate your multiple light lifts from one central source with the Multi-Lift Controller. The wall mounted LCD Touch Panel can control up to twenty-five Aladdin Light Lifts. This custom controller must be specified at time of order.

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