Commercial High Bay Lift Systems

Expensive and dangerous man lifts are no longer needed for bulb changing and fixture cleaning. Our high bay lift systems raise and lower light fixtures while eliminating liability and cutting operational costs.

Why Use Our High Bay Lift System?

Here are the benefits of using our commercial high bay lift systems.

Cut Costs

Reduce your operational costs related to maintaining your facility's lighting systems by using our high bay lifts.

No Liability

There’s no need for dangerous man lifts and no risk of electrical shock while cleaning or changing bulbs.

Easy to Access

You can simplify fixture installation by raising and lowering your light fixtures with the press of a button.

Find the Right High Bay Lift

We have various models of our commercial high bay lifts available depending on your fixture weight, voltage, etc.

See All of Our Models

Aladdin Multi-Lift Controller

The Aladdin Multi-Lift Controller is an add-on that is available for our high bay lifts. It allows the operation of up to 25 light lifts from one central source. The wall-mounted LCD Touch Panel has an easy-to-use interface that can control each light lift individually or all at once.

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