Commercial High Bay Lift Systems

Aladdin Light Lift has 25 years of experience raising and lowering light fixtures. Our commercial high bay lift systems eliminate liability and cut operational cost. Expensive and dangerous man lifts are no longer needed for bulb changing and fixture cleaning. Our commercial high bay lift systems are UL listed and available in 110V, 208V, 277V or 240V.

Aladdin Multi Lift Controller - Front View

Easily control up to 25 lifts at once or individually, with the Aladdin Multi-Lift Controller

Save time and money with our commercial light lift system’s benefits:

  • Reduce operational costs related to maintaining your facility’s lighting systems
  • Reduce┬áliability by eliminating the need for dangerous man lifts when changing bulbs and cleaning fixtures
  • Simplify fixture installation by raising and lowering your light fixtures with the press of a button
  • Eliminate floor damage

Also available is Aladdin’s Multi-Lift Controller.

It allows the operation of up to 25 light lifts individually, or all at once using a wall mounted LCD controller with an easy-to-use interface. See picture of the Multi-Lift Controller to the right.

How Howze Theater, Fort Hood uses Aladdin Light Lift’s commercial high bay lift systems:

The Howze Theater utilizes thirty three commercial lifts and two Multi-Lift controllers for the auditorium’s high bay lights.

With a finished ceiling, the Aladdin commercial lifts are neatly tucked away and not visible from the floor level.

Howze-Theater - Aladdin Light Lifts Raised and Lowered

(Left) Shows the Aladdin Commercial lifts neatly tucked away and not visible; (Right) half of the high bay lights lowered to safe level for relamping and cleaning

Other recent jobs utilizing Aladdin’s commercial light lifts:

  • Ft. Hood (Howze Theater)
  • University of Florida (Gymnastics Center)
  • NASA
  • Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay)
  • American Airlines (SOC Facility)
  • Many other facilities such as churches, casinos, and schools