Chandelier Lift System

The simple solution to lowering your chandelier for easy cleaning and bulb changing.

Why Choose an Aladdin Light Lift?

Here are the benefits of installing our chandelier lift system.

Easy Access

 Our chandelier lift makes every hard-to-reach chandelier accessible on the floor level.

Safe Upkeep

There’s no risk of electrical shock while cleaning or changing bulbs.

Easy to Install

Install any chandelier safely at the floor level, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding.

Find the Right Light Lift

We have various models available. Take our model selection quiz to find the right model.

Chandelier maintenance has never been easier.

 The Aladdin Light Lift is designed for years of trouble-free operation. The patented system has been rigorously tested and uses the latest technology for its electrical components and gearing mechanisms.

Even heavy chandeliers are no problem for our chandelier lift system. Yet with all this convenience and reliability, the Aladdin Light Lift is surprisingly affordable.

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