Residential and Commercial Chandelier Lift Systems

Automatically lower your chandelier for easy cleaning and bulb changing with the Aladdin Light Lift

The beauty of your chandelier can be easily maintained with our motorized chandelier lift system, the Aladdin Light Lift. Cleaning and changing of bulbs can be done by anyone…anytime. Dangerous ladders and expensive cleaning services are things of the past as the chandelier lift system allows your chandelier to be quickly lowered to the floor for safe access at floor level.
Our chandelier lift is the simple solution for every hard-to-reach chandelier.


Easily clean and change bulbs on any chandelier

Maintain the beauty and luster of your chandelier for years to come

The Aladdin Light Lift is designed for years of trouble-free operation. The patented system has been rigorously tested and uses the latest technology for its electrical components and gearing mechanisms. Even heavy chandeliers are no problem for our chandelier lift system.
Yet with all this convenience and reliability, the Aladdin Light Lift is surprisingly affordable.

Lower your chandelier with the press of a button or turn of a key

The Aladdin Light Lift comes with a special keyswitch that can be conveniently installed on any new or existing wall. The keyswitch is child resistant and prevents accidental activation of the light lift. The chandelier lowers by simply inserting the key and turning the switch. Releasing the key stops the chandelier at the height you choose. It is that easy!
Our SmartLift Controller automatically raises and lowers the Aladdin Light Lift with the press of a button. It can be programmed to automatically stop at any height you desire. The SmartLift Controller is standard on the ALL700 and ALL1000 and is optional on the ALL200 and ALL300 models.

Standard Mount vs Remote Mount

Standard Mount vs Remote Mount

No attic access above your chandelier? No problem, Aladdin Light Lift has the solution!

Our system has a remote mounting option that allows you to experience all of the benefits of the Aladdin Light Lift even if you do not have direct attic access above your chandelier. This remote option consists of a customized system of cables, brackets, and pulleys that are built into your Light Lift.

Easy to install

Once installed, the Aladdin Light Lift system is neatly tucked away in the area above the ceiling, so the system is not visible from inside your home. Installation by a licensed electrician is simple, since the system uses existing wiring. And, once the system is installed, any chandelier can be installed at the safety of floor level, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding.

Safety benefits

Our chandelier lift is equipped with two separate independent locking systems to securely hold the chandelier. For maximum safety, electrical current to the chandelier is automatically disconnected while the fixture is lowered. There’s no risk of electrical shock while cleaning or changing bulbs.